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 Offical Price Guide

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PostSubject: Offical Price Guide   Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:24 pm

I did not make this guide. Basak and Savagex made this. I am just reposting on the new forums to help people.(I take credit for what I added/changed)

Rarity Index:
Red - Common
Yellow - Uncommon
Green - Rare
(Sets are not color coded with this index)

    Santa Hat: 250-350m
    Red H'Ween Mask: 350-500m
    Blue H'Ween Mask: 300-400m
    Green H'Week Mask: 200-300m
    Purple Phat: 1b-1.2bm
    Green Phat: 1b-1.3bm
    Yellow Phat: 1.1-1.4bm
    White Phat: 1.3b1.7b
    Red Phat: 1.5b-1.9b
    Blue Phat: 1.5-2.1b

Crystal Key Rewards:
    Construct. Cape (Untrim) - 20-50m
    Construct. Cape (Trim) - 50-70m

    Quest Cape - 50-100m
    Flags - 5-10m
    Ele ea. - 5-15m

Godwars Items:
    Godsword-shards(1, 2, 3): 1-3m ea
    Godsword Blade: 8-12m

    Armadyl Godsword: 140-250m
    Saradomin Godsword: 70-130m

    Zamorak Godsword: 60-130m
    Bandos Godsword: 40-90m
    Saradomin Sword: 30-55m
    Staff of Light: 100-175m

    Full Bandos(Including Godsword): 300-500m
    Full Bandos(Discluding Godsword): 250-400m
    Tassets: 200-300m
    Bandos Chestplate: 25-50m
    Bandos Boots: 5-20m

    Armadyl Set(Including Godsword): 250-400m
    Armadyl Set(Discluding Godsword): 100-180m
    Armadyl Chestplate: 40-80m
    Armadyl Helmet: 20-50m
    Armadyl Plateskirt: 30-60m

Chaotic Weapons:
    Chaotic Maul: 250-400m
    Chaotic Rapier: 200-350m

    Chaotic Longsword: 500-700m
    Chaotic Staff: 100-175m

Pvp Armour and Weapons:

    Statius Set: 420-580m
    Statius Helm: 130-180m
    Statius Plate: 150-200m
    Statius Skirt: 150-200m
    Statius Warhammer: 40-90m

    Vesta's Set: 375-500m
    Vesta's Body: 130-170m
    Vesta's Legs: 130-170m

    Vesta's Longsword: 80-130m

    Morrigan's Set: 475-600m
    Morrigan's Coif: 130-190m
    Morrigan's Body: 150-200m
    Morrigan's Chaps: 140-190m

    Morrigan's Javelins: 150k ea
    Morrigan's Throwing Axe: 150k ea

    Zuriel's Set: 575-700m
    Zuriel's Hood: 180-230m
    Zuriel's Robetop: 200-250m
    Zuriel's Robeskirt:190-230m

Spirit Shields:
    Divine Spirit Shield: 1.4-1.8b
    Elysian Spirit Shield: 900-1.3b
    Spectral Spirit Shield: 475-700m
    Arcane Spirit Shield: 400-650m
    Blessed Spirit Shield: 40-90m
    Spirit Shield: 20-35m

    Shadow Sword: 2147m/2.1b (Max Cash)
    Anger Sword: 800-1.1b

    Karil's Armour Set: 30-45m
    Torag's Armour Set: 30-60m
    Verac's Armour Set: 40-80m
    Ahrim's Armour Set: 40-70m
    Dharok's Armour Set: 50-90m
    Guthan's Armour Set: 30-50m

    Separate items are 5-20m each.

King Rings:
    Berserker Ring: 50-90m
    Archer's Ring: 35-60m
    Seer's Ring: 30-50m
    Warrior Rings: 20-50m

Other Items:
    Abyssal Whip: 10-25m
    Dragon Claws 90-130m
    Dragonfire Shield: 60-110m

    Amulet of fury: 3-5m
    Dragon Full Helm: 12-18m
    Dragon Chainbody: 20-30m
    Dragon Boots: 1-5m
    Dragon Platelegs: 2-7m
    Dark bow: 2-5m

    Infinity Hat: 10-30m
    Infinity Body: 15-40m
    Infinity Skirt: 10-30m
    Infinity Gloves: 10-30m
    Infinity Boots: 10-30m
    Mage's Book: 20-30m
    Master Wand: 20-30m

    Dragon Set (or): 225-300m
    Dragon Full Helm (or): 50-80m
    Dragon Platebody (or): 65-100m
    Dragon Platelegs (or): 60-90m
    Dragon Plateskirt (or): 50-85m
    Dragon Square Shield (or): 60-80m

Raw Materials:
    Dragon Bones: 70k ea

(Name items and give me prices for these, thanks)

This guide is not yet completed. This is just to give you a rough estimate of what is what.
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PostSubject: Re: Offical Price Guide   Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:33 am

Anger sword is about 1.2 - 1.4b ;=)
The rest is OK for me , maybe the chaotic longsword is a bit too much.
Thank you for posting!
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Offical Price Guide
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