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 Personal owned shops!

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PostSubject: Personal owned shops!   Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:54 am

Introducing: POS, Personal Owned Shops.

How it works:

You can view ur own shop by doing ::myshop wich will open this:

You can view someone else his/her shop by right clicking him/her and do view shop:

You can put items in your shop by doing
::sell [itemid] [itemamount] [price]

lets say we want to put 2 shadow swords in our shop for 500mil each.
We need the item ID of the shadow sword first so do ::getid shadow
This will give us list:

So now we know that the id of a shadow sword is 10858

that would be ::sell 10858 2 500000000

we now have:

If you would like to take out an item than do ::myshop and take it out.

Other players can now buy it out of your shop.
And you will get a message that you have money to collect.
Once you loggout it will save your items in your shop! So no worrys

If you still cant manage to host ur own shop, than you dont have brains :tf:

Have fun
~ King
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Personal owned shops!
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